All Love Is Love is a brand that was formed by a group of college students in Los Angeles looking to help spread the universal message of love and equality in a time filled with animosity and divisiveness. Our cable tie bracelet was created as a metaphor to the unbreakable nature of love, as the strength and durability of a cable tie allows it to hold together under the toughest conditions. The simple, yet impactful message of All Love Is Love is meant to be a daily reminder that we are all equal and deserving of human rights.

Along with spreading our message of unity, we have pledged to give 50% of our net profits to the following charities fighting for equality: the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), & the National Organization For Women (NOW). The rest of our proceeds are used to help fund our in-house artistic projects such as our "Dancing Hands Movement" and upcoming productions on inequality.

Everyone deserves to be treated equally and love without boundaries. Be a part of the change.